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Congratulations, you’ve come up with a fantastic new business idea. You’ve got a great brand name and production is in flow. Now you need to get your product on the shelves and selling. As great as selling stock online can be, having your products on the shelf of a supermarket reassures customers that your company is trustworthy and reliable. The question is; how do you beat the crowd of competitors and get your product on the shelf first?

Packaging Perfection

It is vital that your packaging appeals to the eye of your target audience. You want your product to stand out in the chaos of all the different products so make sure your packaging is the best it can be and that it portrays the product well.

There are 4 key questions you must ask yourself before marketing your product to a retailer:

Does my packaging send the correct message of the product’s benefits, claims, and values?

Is my packaging better than my competitors and what is my USP (Unique selling point)?

How does it fit in on the shelf?

Make sure it is fully compliant with all relevant legislation?

Know Your Retailer

Do your research on your retailer. This is important as you can adjust your pitch to suit your retailer’s needs. Learning about their core values and needs can be helpful information when marketing your product. Be sure to keep notes of the information you find out as they can become helpful during your pitch.


Putting your products onto a supermarket shelf can be tricky at times. There are plenty of people out there that know exactly what to do, such as: graphic designers, packaging companies, manufacturers, business advisers and so on. Experts who devote themselves to helping small companies take off. Reach out if ever you start to lose your way, these people are here to help. We are here to help, contact us at

Pitch Perfection

Once you have followed the above, it’s now time to create your pitch! A pitch should always take place in person as you can portray your dedication and passion better face to face. This also helps as you could bring some samples along for the buyers/retailers to try.

Make sure you cover everything from ingredients to why you started the company. Explain how you’re going to help drive customers to their store. They will ask complicated questions but don’t let that throw you. Big companies like this have to make sure that their reputation stays intact. Supermarkets need to know your business is being run properly and that you understand your products and your target customers.

Marketing your product well and knowing everything about it is key when pitching to big companies. Key points include:

Expenses and potential profit margins

Reasons why you’re potentially better than companies that they are already working with. (be wary that you don’t talk down about other products but boost yours)

Reviews from customers who have tried the product.

Contact information

Finally; double check everything is perfect and be confident in your product and vision.

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