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What We Do

Passionate Quality Excellence

At Fusion Foods we believe in quality ingredients that create a fusion of taste and texture. We are always searching for new exciting ways to create the best combination of quality ingredients. Imagination has no limit and our food experts work with you to create and develop your recipes.Whether you have a completed recipe or are looking to have something developed for you, it is our pleasure to work with you to develop your products.Creating new and innovative products is at the heart of what we love to do.  


We are with you from concept to launch or if you have an existing product and are looking for a new manufacturer, our team can help you. Let’s discuss your project.

Whatever your requirements from 5 gram balls or full sized bars we can create it and make it 


Bars, balls or bites

Moulded bars or bites in shapes or chunks

Baked bars and balls

Coated snacks dark, milk or white chocolate, caramel or other coatings


Wheat free, Dairy Free, Slimming, Low sugar, Low fat, Vegan, sport, High protein, Free From, Organic, Gluten Free, and other niche products

(Maybe use Gluten free logos and vegan and other similar logos)

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